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Pinie Bench Plane
Pinie Bench Plane

The Bench Plane is used for the initial processing of roughly cut boards and planks, or as a follow-up after using a Scrub Plane. Unlike the Scrub Plane, the Bench Plane does not leave uneven tracks on the surface of the wood. Its blade is straight, leaving a flat surface. The quality of the planed surface can be improved and smoothed with the Jack Plane (shaping of soft woods) or with the Smoothing Plane (medium-hard and hard woods). The sole is made of high quality hornbeam, the body is made of high quality beech, both are dried down to 10 % moisture.

Dimensions: 220 x 65 x 130 mm
Blade Width: 48 mm
Cutting Angle: 45 degrees
Weight: 850g
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