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IBC A2 Premium Stanley No9.5 Blade 3 Slot
IBC A2 Premium Stanley No9.5 Blade 3 Slot

IBC have created this unique range of premium quality replacement blades that will transform your old Stanley and Record planes into tools that perform like high end modern day tools. IBC replacement blades have been used and recommended by highly respected professionals such as David Charlesworth, Rob Cosman and Andy King which speaks volumes for the quality.

David Charlesworth Quoted.
The IBC matched blade/breaker is the best prepared that I have seen. The chipbreaker is outstanding and a few strokes on each surface will perfect it. Blade flatness and finish are excellent so the total preparation time is minimal. With proper tuning and sole flattening results should be comparable to premium modern planes. The benefit of this set is the reduced preparation time and the ability to fit a thick blade to a Stanley. This option has not been available before.
I have been tuning up old Stanley planes for over 30 years. We have even salvaged planes from before 1910. Tremendous satisfaction can be had from reviving and using an old heirloom.

All IBC blades are:
.A2 tool steel
.Hardness Rc 60-62
.Blade thickness 0.095 inch
.Cryogenically treated


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RBBLS-0318IBC A2 Premium 3 Slot Blade To Suit Stanley No9.5 Block Plane £30.91*

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