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Kunz Plus No4  Smoothing Plane
Kunz Plus No4  Smoothing Plane
Kunz Plus No4  Smoothing Plane
Kunz Plus No4  Smoothing Plane
Kunz Plus No4 Smoothing Plane

Meticulous German craftsmanship is evident in this high end smoothing plane. The plane body is manufactured from durable stress-annealed fine grey-cast iron, and its sole and sides have been precision milled flat and square. It features a blade adjuster design thats based on the Norris A style planes. The re-designed Norris style adjuster consists of single post with two sets of threads contained in two barrel-style nuts smoothly controls the depth of cut as well as the lateral position of the blade, the problem of the blade shifting in the opposite direction to the lateral lever has been addressed to allow lateral blade movement in the same direction as the lever shift. The frog can be positioned using a fine adjustment screw that allows you to close the throat opening for controlling tearout on problem woods. The plane iron is a full 3.5mm thick and hardened and tempered to Rc60-62. Importantly, all surfaces of the chipbreaker and cap iron are finely machined to reduce blade chatter. The rear handle and front knob are made from European cherry. The blade adjuster knob and lever cap screw are polished brass. The number 4 is the most popular of the smoothing planes and is 260mm long with a 50mm wide cutter and weighs 2.2kg.
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