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CA-UK 5 Minute Clear 2-Part Epoxy Ahdesive
CA-UK 5 Minute Clear 2-Part Epoxy Ahdesive

CA-UK 2-Part clear epoxy is a high quality adhesive that has a very high bond strength, dries clear, is suitable for bonding most materials, is non yellowing and easy to apply.
CA-UK clear epoxy has become a favourite amongst pen turners for fixing brass insert tubes into blanks, it is most favourable as the glue line dries clear and any excess can be easily cleaned away once dried during the barrel trimming operation.

Supplied in a two part 28ml cartridge with plunger and cap.

5 minute fast setting formula.
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CA033CA-UK 5 Minute Clear 2-Part Epoxy Ahdesive£5.83*

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