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Stubai Honing Wheel Kit
Stubai Honing Wheel Kit
Stubai Honing Wheel Kit

The remarkable Stubai honing system features a 150mm wheel and a bar of special honing compound to quickly put a fully honed and polished edge back on to a dull tool in one easy step.

If grinding before using the Stubai honing kit ensure that the cutting edge does not overheat (Blue discolouration). Otherwise the edge retention will be lost. All possible discolouration must be completely ground away before building up a new cutting edge.

Press the paste briefly onto the rotating wheel. Lay the blade of the tool square on the edge of the wheel and press gently.

Application Advantages:
Ultra fast sharpening for maximum edge retention. No Overheating. One simple operation (no burr formation, no honing, no finishing required)

Cutting Angles:
For light work in soft wood 15 degrees
For heavy work in hard wood 35 degrees

Scope Of Use:
Woodcarving tools, plane irons, bench chisels, knives, scissors & cutlery.

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