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Alcolin Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue
Alcolin Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue
Alcolin Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue
Alcolin Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue
Alcolin Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue

ALCOLIN ULTRA is the most advanced water-based adhesive available today. It combines the safety, strength, sandability, ease of use and water cleanup of PVA adhesives with the durability, open time and water-resistance of polyurethanes. It is the first ever one-part wood glue to pass the ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance specification and offer a one-year shelf life. ULTRA is proven waterproof and yet cleans up with water. In addition, this waterproof formula also offers durability, superior bond strength, heat resistance, longer open assembly time, shorter clamping time, and lower application temperature. ULTRA is safer, stronger, faster and cheaper than traditional polyurethane glues.

Features and Benefits: ï‚·
Waterproof - passes ANSI/HPMA Type I specification ï‚·
Fast setting - reduced clamp time, increasing turnaround time ï‚·
Superior strength - final bond stronger than wood ï‚·
Tough glue line - sands easily ï‚·
Strong wet tack - holds small parts without the need for clamping ï‚·
Long open time - more time for assembling of parts ï‚·
Excellent heat resistance - use in areas subject to heat, ideal for manufacture of post form tops ï‚·
No foaming / stained fingers - easy to use, no mess ï‚·
Versatile - bonds a variety of wood species and processed board composites Chemical resistant - unaffected by most finishes ï‚·
Single pack system - no on-site mixing of catalyst, pot-life limitations and wastage due to cured material ï‚·
Low VOC - non-toxic, non-flammable (wet state) ï‚·
Water-based formulation – cleans up easily with water

Applications: ï‚·
Interior and exterior applications e.g. furniture, door and window frame assembly, cutting boards, wood turning, kitchenware, etc ï‚·
Ideal for interior furniture with frequent short-term exposure to running or condensed water and high humidity e.g. sauna and steam rooms. ï‚·
Ideal for edge gluing, face gluing, finger jointing, doweling, veneering applications and general assembly ï‚·
Suitable for laminate boards where short press time is required and for post forming applications

Excellent adhesion to soft woods (Pine, Meranti), medium woods (Beech, Oak), hard woods (Imbuia, Teak) and processed boards composites (hardboard, chipboard, supawood, high pressure laminates)

Alcolin Ultra is manufactured by Franklin International.
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AUG250Alcolin 250ml Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue£6.58*
AUG500Alcolin 500ml Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue£9.16*
AUG25012Alcolin 250ml Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue (Case of 12 bottles)£78.96*
AUG50012Alcolin 500ml Ultra Waterproof Wood Glue (Case of 12 bottles)£109.92*

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