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Naniwa 5000 grit Waterstone
Naniwa 5000 grit Waterstone

The Naniwa sharpening stone is an exciting new Japanese waterstone from Naniwa. They have upgraded their process to make the old Super Stones even better. The tighter controls of grit particle size far exceeds the old standers employed by Naniwa resulting in a stone that has superior uniformity and therefore cuts more smoothly and cleanly.
Like all Waterstones these stones require water, but unlike traditional Japanese stones these do not require soaking ahead of time. To use these new stones simply apply a little water to the surface and your ready to sharpen.

This is yet another great choice for grade for many tools. This stone works very well after you have used the 1000 grit and is fine enough for use prior to using a 10,000 grit or above.
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NAN007Naniwa 5000 grit Waterstone£68.33*

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