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Pinie Premium Rebate Plane
Pinie Premium Rebate Plane
Pinie Premium Rebate Plane
Pinie Premium Rebate Plane

The Pinie premium rebate plane is a narrow plane, which is used for perfecting grooves, rebates, moldings and door or window frames. The body is made up of beech with hornbeam sole. The blade is inserted near the centre of the body at an angle of 45 degrees to the planed surface, and the blade covers the entire width of the plane. The chipbreaker breaks chips from the planed material and removes them away from the planed surface. Fitted with an adjustable front sole, which enables fine adjustment of the mouth to prevent tear out.

Pinie premium planes also feature a high quality European alloyed tool steel blade that will take and hold an extremely sharp edge. These new blades have vastly improved wear characteristics compared to all previous Pinie planes.

Pinie plane bodies are constructed from selected beech which is carefully kiln dried down to a 10 % moisture content, all soles are from solid Hornbeam as this offers exceptional wear characteristics with low friction. During design and manufacture special attention is paid to the ergonomics to ensure comfortable handling.

Overall Length - 255 mm
Width - 30 mm
Height - 155 mm
Blade Width - 30 mm
Bed Angle - 45 Degrees
Weight - 540 g
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